Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rockhill Rendezvous Countdown

We returned to Rockhill Farm almost two weeks ago, warmly welcomed and tucked into our freshly-mown little pitch. We had spent a couple of months here last year and it is really special to be back. The local village had asked to use our marquee for a bit of a do of their own, and part of the deal was that we would get some help with putting it up. And, although we felt a huge sense of achievement last year, having raised the beast with four young-ish adults, three boys and a grandad, it made a real difference having a few more grown men (and my best friend visiting from London) on the team. It was good to get it in place in good time too, because now that the weather is improving Carl should be combining during the next few days, and hoping to get it done before the Rendezvous.

removing rain water from the canvas
The weather has obviously been on everyone's mind this Summer, it being so wet and all. I must admit that it has bothered us a bit. So many events have been cancelled this year. But we made the most of a sunny weekend to get the tent up, this fine weekend has also given us a boost, and a whole bunch of Airstreamers are crossing their fingers and spreading optimism on the forum.
Starting to look like a marquee
It's up!
Pegging out
Rockhill Rendezvous is getting close and the excitement is growing. The village 'do' happened last night, and Pete and I attended. It was fun to see another crowd enjoying themselves in our marquee. We had a good evening too. Plus, the site looks so pretty at night with all the festoon and fairy lights. I started to imagine how thrilling it is going to be next weekend, to see it with thirty-plus Airstreams sitting there. So, as I write, we have four days to go, bookings are still coming in and we are currently expecting thirty-three aluminium beauties.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Prepped and Primed

The first UKAirstreamers Gathering of the year is just around the corner. We are having two this Spring, one in the South and one in the North. Even though lately our Airstream has become as much a home for us as a means to travel, it feels as though having a Spring Gathering is a good way to kick-start the dusting off, the airing out and the towing for anyone who hasn't ventured out yet. It's also a jolly good shindig.

So, this time next week we will be hitching up and heading to Dorset in time to greet the 18 (at last count) other trailers and motorhomes that will be rolling in. We are going to be on a camp site for this one, but it's an Airstream-friendly one with a separate rally field where we can be all Airstreamy together. Looking at the list, almost half of those coming will be vintage, and there are a couple of motorhomes too. It will be a lovely, varied selection for us all to feast our eyes upon. We are also expecting a few new faces, as well as some old stalwarts, and some who we haven't seen for a while. Should be quite a dynamic crowd.

The weather around here, and most of the country, has been tediously crappy in a grey and wet sort of way, so we'll need a lot of luck if we're going to pull off the al fresco bits of the weekend. We are bringing a cool shelter with us, and we have survived hoolies and hail storms at past Gatherings. It leaves you with a distinctive memory of the event, but sunshine makes it easier, naturally. So fingers crossed and good vibes all round!