Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Don't hold your breath...

So Christmas and the New Year are out of the way, and we're still not in the trailer yet. What's going on?

Well, we finally managed to exchange contracts for the sale of our flat on the 19th of December, and managed to squeeze in completion on the 20th before all the solicitors went away for Christmas. This meant that we could at last pay for the trailer. Sadly, this didn't leave enough time for us to buy a tow-car before the holidays, so it is still in the warehouse at Airstream Europe in Tebay.

We did, however, pop along to have a look at her and frankly, she was beautiful. Michael and his team at Airstream had her all set up for a showing, with the lights on and the central heating all nice and cozy. Apart from a slight hitch with the table (which was sorted out within minutes!), she was perfect!

Since we couldn't tow her away, we just took a few measurements so we could try to figure out how much stuff we can actually fit in. It's not going to be a lot! And have you ever noticed that plastic storage boxes always seem to have a large lip or sloping sides (or both) so when you put them side by side, there's a huge gap between them. Very convenient for the shop that wants to sell them, but pretty useless for efficient use of space. I'm guessing that we're going to get very good at packing things into small spaces very soon.

This is a (not too great) image of the interior, including Tracey (looking very pleased) and a green carpet (not a permanent fixture - it's just there to protect the floor while the trailer is in the warehouse. Honest).

So what next? Well, we take delivery (or collect if we've got the tow car by then) next week. We'll park up in a local campsite for a week or so while we get the hang of everything (and we still have a roof over our heads if we need it), then we're off!

It was New Year's Eve last night (and a lovely time we had with Sam, Lee and Mary) and, as usual, I spent a few nanoseconds thinking if there were some resolutions I would like to make. Then it hit me - the point of a resolution is to try to make a change to ones lifestyle. But we're about to embark on a journey the like of which neither of us has ever done before - our whole lives are going to change, probably permanently. So I relaxed; I'll wait a few weeks before committing myself to a new fitness regime as well as a new home.

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