Thursday, 7 February 2008

Where's Wiltshire?

The timing of our journey south was perfect. It seems that we escaped another spell of wind, rain and snow. In fact we only had a brief spot of sleet early on and the sun shone the rest of the way.
We hadn't been on the road for long when our good buddy Wayne called on the mobile. He's been a positive and encouraging voice since we started talking about being Airstreamers. As we mentioned earlier in the blog, he came with us the first time we went to see the Airstreams  at Tebay. Anyway, it just seemed like good timing on his part to call as we finally got ourselves on the road. More positive noises. He sounded very excited for us. Living on a boat as he does, not everyone gets it do they? So now he reckons he can point to us to show that there are people madder than himself. Mmm. Not very convincing Wayne! 
On sunday while Pete spent the day at Geoff's in anticipation of the Superbowl, I met up with two more good buddies. Helen and Ben had been in Glastonbury for a wedding and, in spite of our unfamiliarity with the geography of Somerset and Wiltshire we managed to agree that meeting up in Frome could be a happy arrangement. It was.
Although most of the shops and cafes were closed we did get a hearty sunday roast (with nut roast for me) in The George and then wandered uphill to a splendid cafe-cum-chocolate shop (perfect combination!) where we indulged in great coffee, hot chocolates and almond and rosewater meringues. Quite delightful. I wish I could remember the name of the place. It's at the top of the street with the open gully running down its middle.
Well Frome looked like it would definitely be an attractive town to visit when it is open. Just uphill from the centre there were winding streets with unique little shops selling all sorts, such as vintage clothing, music, models, as well as the all-important coffee shops. Geoff also mentioned getting a telescope there. How refreshing to get away from the homogenised high streets that we are all bored with.

We left Wooton Bassett on wednesday and hooked up at a certified site in an orchard on the fringes of Bath. Today, after a slow start due partly to me feeling the symptoms of a cold and being reluctant to get up, we set off for Bath. We took a route on foot suggested by the site owner, who warned it might be a bit muddy. Well it was a bit. Until we arrived at a quaggy field where it was extremely muddy and I sunk in up to my ankles. At which point I felt inapropriately mucky for a visit to the museums and fine shops and cafes of Bath. So, with ruined shoes drying in the bathroom and an old episode of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes playing out quietly on the television, the day has transformed from the one we planned into one that we have surrendered to.
Some days are like that, I find. 

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RoadFoodMaven said...

Just saw your posting on FaceBook and I look forward to seeing the posts of your trip.

Wife and I have 28 ft International Ocean Breeze.

Fellow Airstreamer.