Thursday, 22 May 2008

Still there?

Here's a funny thing...

We've been touring the South West of England for over three months, and not once did we find a campsite where we could get internet access. Yesterday we took the three and a half hour crossing to Ireland, and the first campsite we stop in has wireless broadband!

I'm not going to post a monster, three-months-worth of blog here, because a) it's not really relevant any more, b) it'll bore the pants off you, and c) I can't remember that far back. So we'll just try to fill you in with the occasional flash-back when something crops up.

Instead, we'll start here with the Ireland trip...

It's funny how it seemed to take all day from leaving the campsite in St. David's (South Wales), driving to the ferry port at Fishguard, sailing to Rosslare and driving on to the campsite here in St. Margarets. It took eight hours and we only ended up 85 miles from where we started! But we're in a foreign country! OK, they still speak English (apart from the taxi driver last night, who spoke Venusian or something similar. It could have been English, but not as we know it), but it feels "foreign." The road signs and bill-boards are all different. The shops and bars have different faces.  Even the weather is slightly different.  Today we were blessed with a good dose of "Wexford Sunshine," very similar to the Keswick variety, but with a Gaelic accent.

The first pint of Guinness has been drunk (and very nice it was too) in a little pub/restaurant which looked like it had used up the national stock of green paint.  Floor, ceiling and everything in between was green.  It was, apparently, one of Ireland's great seafood restaurants, but since we arrived late and don't eat seafood, I can't vouch for the accolade.  Still, the stout was good, and not quite the most expensive pint ever.  The strong Euro might put the kibosh on our quest to find the perfect ale - £3.50 a pint will hurt the budget after a few weeks.  Still, Diesel is cheap - the same price in Euros as it was in pounds yesterday- just over a quid a litre.

That's a good thing - we're off to Tipperary tomorrow.  Allegedly it's quite far.

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