Friday, 16 January 2009

What's a Micro-Rally?

It could be a very small version of Scalextric, or, more unlikely, a gathering of more than one and less than three Airstreams.

We've met up with Andrew Ditton and his 532 in Sussex. Perhaps not hugely significant, relative to the huge meets in North America, but it's the first time since the gathering in August that we've managed to pitch next to another Airstream. And you have to admit that they look damned attractive together.

Which gets me thinking. I know there are other Airstreamers out there. I've met some. They really do exist. Wouldn't it be great if we got some more of them together? So if there are any Airstreamers out there who fancy a get-together, let me know. You can contact us through the "About Us" link on the right or leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I'm thinking of some time in the Spring, before it gets too busy everywhere. And not Easter weekend - that's just bonkers. Don't know where yet - that'll depend on numbers and how far they're all travelling. But let us know if you're interested.

Andrew will have to be there because we owe him a slap-up-feed.


Anonymous said...

I think by waiting in for 2 days for non-existant deliveries I STILL owe you! Curry? I promise it will be cooked this time ;-)

Greets from Paris. Just popped over for lunch; I'd rather be Airstreamin!

Simon and Emma said...

Hello to you both!

Great to hear that things are going well. Emma and I would definitely be up for another get together before Easter - last July's was brilliant fun!!

There would obviously be three of us now, as our beautiful baby Tilly (surely the youngest European Airstreamer out there?!) would also be coming along!!

March would be good for us as our 534 is rather sick at the moment and is off to the Lake District to spend a little time with Anthony and John!!

Count us in and keep us posted on the plans!

John said...

C'mon, spill the beans, who's is biggest and who's has the most rivets??

Pete said...

Well, I cannot tell a lie, but mine is the longest, heaviest and most rivet ridden trailer of the lot.