Thursday, 26 November 2009

Calling All UK Airstreamers!

After organising two Airstream gatherings this year, we found that we needed a better way to spread news and keep in touch with other 'Streamers.

So we created a Forum.

It quickly outgrew its usefulness, so we made another. And attached it to a website.

Here is the fruit of our labours...

It's been designed as a meeting place and information centre for all things Airstreaming in the UK. Please have a look. If you have an Airstream (or are just hankering after one!), join the Forum. If we've missed anything off the Links page, please let us know.

We hope you like it.



Mrs D said...


we are following your blog with great interest, as we will be doing the same thing next year & we were wondering where / how you get full time touring insurance on your van?

We are picking up our 2010 Swift Conqueror 645 at the w/end & are unsure of where to get this type of insurance from.

Any guidance from yourselves would be appreciated.


Pete said...

Mrs D,

Thanks for following us!

A couple of months before we bought the Airstream, I went around the NEC Caravan Show, talking to every insurance company there. Most of them just weren't interested, but the Camping & Caravanning Club were able to cover us. You may need to do some persuading! If you can wait until the NEC in February, I think it's much easier to talk to someone who can make a decision there and then based on your personal circumstances, rather than someone sitting at a computer who can only tick boxes.

I hope that helps. If you want more details, drop me an email via my profile page.

Best wishes,