Monday, 22 March 2010

Bugs, Buds and Birds

We have been in self-imposed quarantine for a few days. I picked up an annoying coughy, throaty bug-thing from my parents on Mother's Day and it has been evolving since then. We are both spluttering away, but only in the cocoon of our trailer.

I am now on my third day without a voice, which is both interesting and frustrating. I've basically given up on trying to communicate until further notice. I remember trying to phone in sick once when I had lost my voice. This was back when I had a job, lived alone and email and texts hadn't yet caught on. I had no alternative but to force out a sibilant apology to a highly amused colleague.

We woke up one morning to see the field in front of us dotted with daisies. Eagerly anticipated Spring is here. Although these daffs seem reluctant to agree.

More bird news: We were getting a regular early morning wake up call in the form of a 'dink dink' kind of sound. It took a few days to figure out that a chaffinch was attacking its own reflection in our trailer bumper. It is now beautifully adorned with bin-liners stuck together with masking tape and the 'dink dink' has stopped. Well, we need our sleep.

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