Sunday, 20 June 2010

Repair, Restore, Refit

We went to visit Sam Harkness at Vintage Airstreams in Tewkesbury. He has a yard full of potential, a collection of really old Airstream trailers just waiting to be brought back to life. It will be fascinating to see how they will be resurrected and where they will end up spending the next chapter in their stories.

We have seen Airstreams in various stages of restoration and it is always intriguing to hear what the plans are, whether for a true-to-style restoration, or a completely new interior design and transformation.

Pete pointed out that it was clear for the first time just how much work is involved in taking on a vintage project. We hadn't seen any right at the beginning of the process before.

Some have a lot of the original fittings, some have grubby marks where the fittings used to be. Whether a grotty empty shell, or lined from floor to ceiling with brown swirly carpet, having sat in a farmyard or been abandoned by a lake, or been cherished by generations of one family, the back story is often a fascinating part of taking on or owning an old Airstream.

Frustratingly, I forgot my camera and got by with using my phone. Not bad eh, after a bit of tweaking on iPhoto?


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