Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Endless Blue Hues

After a month on the islands, from my diary... 1st July 2009

"Had the beach at Horgabost to ourselves, 10pm, still light. Yellow sand, sand hoppers. Grey sand below the yellow, revealed in trickles towards the sea. Bits of shells, white, orange, purple, sparsely scattered near shore. Calm calm calm. Lapping water's edge. Endless blue hues. Yellow showing through shallowest clear sea, graduating into the palest greeny turquoise. To my left a grassy dune casts an emerald reflection. In front of me misty purple mountains, and the sea between me and them layer upon layer of bluey, lilacy, mauvey, hazy greys, blues, purples.
My breathing quiet, my eyes won't turn away. The stillness a priceless gem. Oneness. This is what we hope to attain in contemplation. A blissful state manifest."


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Andrew said...

Ah, I have so enjoyed your memories of the islands. I'm so glad you decided to blog them in the end. I might still blog mine from 2010, but sometimes you need the gap, eh?

I'd go back in a heartbeat. Again. I keep looking at the calendar but life seems to keep getting in the way. At least until next year :-)