Thursday, 3 March 2011

Airstreaming Plans for 2011

UK Airstreamers are gearing up for an eventful and adventurous summer. Having spent the winter months in one spot, by the time May comes around Pete and I will be ready to hit the road again and get a fresh outlook. We are looking forward to the fifth and sixth UKAirstreamers Gatherings, in May and September respectively, meeting some new Airstreaming friends and catching up with our old ones. It's hard to believe that it is only two years since Pete first put the word out on this blog that we would be heading to a campsite in Wiltshire and would love other Airstreamers to join us.

The UKAirstreamers community is talking and meeting and sharing experiences, and it is still growing. At our Spring Gathering this year we are also looking forward to meeting some cool and retro non-Airstreams since we are joining forces with the team at My Cool Caravan. Just three weeks later we are taking part in a convoy of ten to twelve Airstreams, boarding a ferry together (just imagine that) and chugging along, hopefully still in convoy, to meet up with a fleet of European Airstreamers in Holland. Organised from this end by fellow Airstreamer Andrew, and from the European end by Dutch Streamers Kai and Pieter, we will apparently be part of a 40-strong throng. What a great chance to connect with and become part of the extended Airstream community.

And from there a couple of us are planning to stay in Europe for the remaining summer months and explore the North. It's going to be an inspiring summer. I think it is timely for us too, since last year our movements were largely dictated and guided by visiting friends and family and didn't necessarily take us to new places. This year there should be plenty of new experiences to keep us on our toes. It feels good to have an adventure to plan and look forward to.

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