Thursday, 26 September 2013

Rockhill Rendezvous 2013

This year our Airstreams ranged from a 1954 Globetrotter to a new 5 berth European International. It was Dolly, new to Rockhill, the Globetrotter that won this year's Open House, People's Favourite prize. The glass bauble is so sweet and delicate, and a tiny prize really, but it's just a little gesture, a bit of fun. I would expect that we each love our own Airstreams the best, but on the whole people don't vote for themselves (on the whole!!!). And our favourite vote slip this year said, "My favourite Airstream belongs to... everyone's)

Numbers were down this year, sadly. We had explanations and apologies from most absentees, and we missed them. As I'm sure I've said before, you get a growing core group of Airstream buddies who come to the gatherings, then we have newbies who join that core group, and some who try it once or twice before deciding it's just too much fun and we don't see them again. Some dip in now and then, some come to every meet. It's a very fluid sort of community. This year seven of the Airstreams were newbies, and they fitted right in. What a lovely sight, seeing new people being welcomed into the group. Not everyone finds it easy to break into an established crowd, and it's up to all of us to make the effort to help them feel a part of it as quickly as possible. This year I think that worked really well. Over time proper friendships get forged, and even future travel buddies hatch their plans.

Our trusty marquee came in very handy this year, with the weather trying, and failing, to spoil our fun. Actually, I think that contributed to us spending more time all together.

At this point I ought to mention the meeting that we had to discuss the future of UKAirstreamers. It was a good turnout. Pete and I had thought that we would be handing over the running of UKA, worried that there might be a perceived conflict of interest, now that we're servicing Airstreams. But the gathered Airstreamers let us know that they don't see a problem with that and they want us to continue. We really weren't expecting that, agreed to go away and think about how we can manage to do that, and the topic continues to be discussed for a limited time on the forum.

Anyway, that was just the serious, business end of the weekend. The rest was the usual abundance of warmth and enjoyment and beautiful countryside, topped off with those shiny Airstreams that are the random element that brings it and us all together.

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