Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Let It Snow

Our morning view has been coated in a thick frost recently. The skeletal trees have stood motionless, dark at their core and dusted in sparkly, white crystals.

We have had some lovely walks out on the moors, wrapped in wooly and fleecey layers, crunching on the frozen earth and sinking to our ankles in thawed mud.

Finally, and against expectation, we awoke today to a silent snowy scene. Sorry to anyone who had to try to function as usual. We just had to walk in it, chuck it at each other and be uplifted and exhilerated by it.

The Chrimbo decos came down today. Some of the lights stay up all year round. The twinkly, sparklies just add to the coziness and reflect beautifully in the Airstream's aluminium interior.

A belated Happy New Year everyone


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