Monday, 11 January 2010

I've Got Chills

It is still trying to snow here in Somerset. Unlike other areas we have been very lucky to have just enough to transform the scenery but not cause us any problems. We have had to use quite a lot of gas during this 'Big Freeze', as the news channels are calling it. When the heating is switched to electric it just doesn't seem to have enough oomph. I was looking at small electric fan heaters the other day, thinking that a bit of warm air blowing around the trailer would be a good thing. I found myself looking at an exact replica of one that we have in storage somewhere, but where? And will the cold snap be over by the time we track it down?

The chammy is working very hard too, wiping up all the condensation. Other Airstreamers don't seem to get as much moisture as we do. The conclusion from chat and our forum seems to be that it depends on the number of bodies.

We saw these degus at a well-known chain of pet stores. That's the way to keep warm, but it would raise the body count a bit.



Anonymous said...

Hello. I am following your adventure with great interest.Outer Hebrides articles in particular.... a superb part of the world. Guess you decided to miss out the very North of Scotland & Orkney, which is a great pity. Continue ot enjoy yourselves & I look forward to reading all about it.

Tracey said...

Actually we did visit the north and Orkney. Hopefully we will get around to sharing those memories soon.

Andrew said...

Those Degus look too cute!

Hmmm... maybe I could start the 'Airstream Zoo'... :-)