Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Don't Delay

I keep getting absorbed in indoor tasks and projects like setting up my new blog, for example. Consequently I sometimes end up doing the outdoor chores later in the day. Yesterday it was dark before I got around to doing the fetch, carry and disposal jobs. I ought to know better. I skipped the worst of these, the chore which dare not speak its name, because it was dark and windy and there's a big deep hole in which to empty the unmentionable. These are not ideal conditions.

Once, during our first week ever in the Airstream, I had to negotiate a septic tank buried in the ground, on a farm in Cumbria, in the pitch dark, with a torch clutched in my armpit. That was tricky. Never again.

Today I became sucked into laptop world again, into the realm of lost time. I was saved from fumbling with waste products in the dark because my attention was captured by the sun sinking beautifully behind the trees. It cast an irresistible golden light on our aluminium home, tempting me outside with the camera. Only the light was warm, fingers, frozen.

Does it sound like I do everything around here? Not usually. Pete went to visit friends in Wiltshire for a few days and he made sure I had a stocked up refrigerator, a full can of gas and a box of latex gloves before he went.

Did I mention that I have a new blog? It's for my increasingly non-Airstream ruminations. There's a link on the right.



Andrew said...

I tried commenting on your new blog Tracey but it wasn't having any of it! :-/

Tracey said...

Thanks for checking in and for letting me know about the comments setting. It should be OK now.

Anonymous said...
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John said...

Used to knit a lot in the dark ages
(Carole not John!!) but gave all my needles away to a charity shop (they were classed as weight!).
Last summer found a shop in Clapham, North Yorks which sold some fantastic wools-so started again. Can you teach me to crochet?
Not being too clever using a laptop couldn't find where to post a comment on your new blog. Caz